I've gotten a couple repeat questions, so I wanted to save you a DM if you had some curiosities!


What program do you use for your pixel art?

I use Pixaki for the ipad to do 99% of my pixel art! I highly recommend it for any artist with an ipad that wants to get into pixel art. I have the full version, but they also have a free version you can play around with. (Not sponsored, just a big fan of the app :) )

The other 1% is that I do pop my art into procreate to do quick color adjustments and add occasional overlays, but I always pop it back into pixaki after to finish.

If you want a desktop app I've heard Aseprite is good, but I haven't really used it myself.

What size do you draw your pixel art at?

I do a variety of sizes, but my standard illustration sweet spot seems to be 230x250. That being said-- that is really big for most pixel art, so if you're just starting out I'd recommend reading this article to help find a resolution that's right for you!

In general, smaller seems to be better with pixel art. It's easy to get overwhelmed when your canvas is too big.

When will you open up commissions/is there a commission waitlist?

First off, I'm really humbled for anyone interested in asking this! Thank you!! Unfortunately, I do not open commissions very frequently. I'm a storyboard artist by day, so 99% of my job is already drawing-- because of this, the last thing I want to do on my time off is draw for others again, haha! Pixel art is my hobby time. So I don't open up commissions very often.

For this same reason, I do not have a waitlist. Just because I really can't be sure when they'd open.

If I do open up commissions, I will keep the post up for a day or two and it won't be a first-come, first serve basis. So I'd recommend turning on notifications on twitter to catch that.

Any further questions can be sent to [email protected]